Misteri : Misteri Segitiga Bermuda - Kronologi

Not all the questions had his answer. Likewise with several incidents and the phenomenon of nature in this earth. The Bermuda Triangle triangle was very mysterious, there was the place in the Bermuda triangle that was acknowledged as “Tongue of the Ocean” (Bahama). It seems around the Bahamas island was gotten blue hole, that is a kind of ‘ocean cave’. Previously this cave indeed really was available, but after the ‘ice time’ passed by, this cave remained.

Maybe Blue Hole this could swallow the giant’s ship to the foundation of the ocean????

The chronology from several famous incidents:
1840: HMS Rosalie
1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the biggest mysteries the disappearance of several ships
1909: The Spray
1917: SS Timandra
1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) vanished in sea storm, but before departing the control tower said that the ocean very calm, was not possible to the storm happen, really was good for the voyage
1926: SS Suduffco was lost in the bad weather
1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappeared. In fact the report said the day weather was very calm
1945: the Flight 19 disappeared
1952: the Aircraft of British York transport vanished with 33 passengers
1962: US Air Force FAMILY PLANNING-50, a tanker, vanished
1970: the French Freighter, Milton Latrides vanished; sailed from New Orleans towards Cape Town.
1972: the German Ship, Anita (20.000 ton), disappeared with 32 man
1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa vanished in sea 140 mile next west Bermuda
1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, disappeared after the take-off and radio contact were interrupted
1980: SS Poet; sailed towards Egypt, vanished in the storm
1995: the Jamanic K Ship (was made in 1943) was reported disappeared after through the Haitien Stamp
1997: sailors disappeared from the ship went for a trip Germany
1999: Freighter Genesis was lost after sailing from Port of Spain towards St Vincent.


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